Since this is “my story”, let me speak to you in first person.

I was brought up to aim for the good grades, the degree, and the career. That was the absolute path to “success”; any deviation from it would mean forgoing the title of “successful person”.

Well, it took me a while to deviate from this path. But it didn’t keep me from working on what I felt was the real path to success – my own business.

While studying Computer Engineering full time at 18 years of age, I created my own e-sports brand from the comfort of my little room. I recruited the best gamers, even though I paid no salary. I attracted large advertisers such as Intel and Thermaltake to my little gaming venture – selling them the value of advertising space on my custom designed, branded skins, and on the branded apparel which my gamers would wear to the biggest money tournaments around the world. I closed joint ventures with media companies and spoke on radio. I made money doing what I loved.

Then came the subprime mortgage crisis in 2007/8, and advertisers’ budgets started drying out. The belts were being tightened, and e-sports became less of a priority. So I moved on.

For the decade following this, I gained valuable experience in the fields of sales, marketing, branding, and building sustainable businesses – which requires a top-down understanding of how to connect all moving parts, and knowing what comes first, what comes next, and what the ultimate goal looks like.

My pension fund is my businesses. Not the degree. Not the career. Not the little fund that is fed from a 9 to 5 grind.

It seems highly unlikely that people from my generation who reach 65, or whatever the retirement age will be by then, will be able to rely on today’s pension funds. With declining birth rates in first world countries (and the rest of the world following suit), no government will be able to sustain this model down the line. I don’t want to rely on the social benefits a stressed economy may be able to provide by then, so my only safety net is my businesses.

I also believe in empowering others in order to empower myself.

Alone, I could conquer a hill. Together we can conquer Mount Everest.

With this motto in mind, I have been privately mentoring students throughout 2017 in the following fields:


         Online Marketing


         How To Promote Yourself & Build Career Success

         How To Build A 7 Figure Online Business in 2017


In terms of building such a business, I cover how to:

         Secure good PSPs, banking solutions, lawyers, and white labels (finance and igaming)

         Hire, train, and maintain an efficient workforce (from your janitor all the way to your managers)

         Train a killer sales team to sell your products right

         Leverage your sales and marketing divisions on each other to grow your business

         Build a business strategy that will lead you from the foundation to the ultimate goal;

being blind to the next step you should be working towards is tantamount to nipping your business in the bud.

I plan on releasing free content via my blog on a consistent basis, which will cover important aspects that are missing from most “gurus”’ courses and programs, but are critical to achieving success in your online business, so be sure to check it out.

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