The “5 Easy Steps” To Building A Sustainable Marketing Business

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It is human nature to look for the quickest path to success. Whoa, “5 easy steps to making a hundred thousand in a month”? Either you say “scam” or you say “sign me up”. By the looks of things on all the marketing related groups, most people genuinely want to believe that if they can follow those “5 easy steps”, they will be as successful as the guru that promotes these steps.

I am no guru, and I don’t intend on opening a “war” on gurus either. Gurus are a necessary part of the world, whether they may help you achieve success or not. If you didn’t have that dude showcasing his rented cars and doing selfie videos all day, someone else would do it. And they would have a mass following too. People look for the easy way all the time, and this is why they fail.

There are legit gurus and there are Lamborghini renting gurus. However, your guru achieving success doesn’t automatically mean that you will too. Your guru had the balls to put his face on your computer screen, opening him/herself up to potential hate and disappointment. Your guru clearly has a business mindset if people are falling for the bait.

So why don’t you succeed? Why are you always going back to square one?

The way I see it, most people don’t have a business mindset. They believe that mastering Facebook Ads (with the always complex “scaling techniques”) is what will make them rich. Or they believe that knowing how to set up UTM tags and do keyword analysis will put them above everyone else. Or they believe that finding the next fidget spinner is what will make them millionaires.

Sorry to disappoint… but people who are making money consistently, whether in e-commerce, CPA deals, or whatever it may be, are talented business people who might not be the ultimate master of FB ads, or Google, or product research, but they are masters at piecing everything together and leveraging all of these aspects to create a money making machine.

Think about it… do you think you can create a winning Formula 1 car just by creating the best engine ever? Or by creating the best frame in the most advanced wind tunnel? Or just by having a Schumacher at the wheel? You don’t need to be the absolute master of each and every part of the process (this is impossible for 99.99% of human beings), but you need to master each part to an acceptable level, and have the vision to see how you can put everything together in a way that the engine block won’t jump out of the chassis, or the tires won’t have too much stress on them due to the way they are positioned on the frame, etc. You can also have the best driver, but a car that cannot finish a race.

The “secret” to building an evergreen cash machine online is to leverage everything, so that if your FB Ads account gets blocked, your business won’t stand still; so that if you face increased competition on those keywords, you are still making sales and generating ROI; so that if you decide to do something new, you can leverage your existing infrastructure.

For this to happen, you need to look at your ecommerce store, or whatever it may be, as a BUSINESS. Not as a “make money quickly using these 5 tricks” scheme. That might work if you have a lucky break, or if you have a lot of experience, but it will die out quickly and you will be thrown back to square one.

It’s not fun having to build a business from scratch again and again and again… sure, you do it quicker each time, but it becomes boring. And a boring business cannot be a successful one. You need to have passion for what you are doing.

So what are the 5 things you need to look at in order to build a lasting business that will only grow with time? Oh shit… I only wrote that title as a sarcastic catchphrase, and didn’t really plan to write 5 “easy steps”. But this little post is flowing, so what the hell. Let’s give it a try. 💪


1. Think of what your end goal is – and then figure out how you get there, step by step.

Nobody grew up thinking “I wanna do Lead Gen when I grow up”, or “I wanna build a Shopify store and tend to it till I’m old”. I’m not trying to say anything negative about these great money making verticals, but at the end of the day you will always yearn for more. You want to be a boss, running businesses and making mad money. And times change, and businesses lose their profitability.

That being said, there are no shortcuts you can take to get to that point. Do you want to rent the top 2 floors of the most prestigious building in your city, have hundreds of employees, and drive PAID FOR Lamborghinis? There is a long journey to reach that level…

I look at whatever I am doing as a stepping stone. I always want to move forward, either in knowledge, or the amount of money I am making – preferably both at the same time.

If you understand what your end goal is, you can start succeeding on a smaller scale on each of the different moving parts of the business you are working towards – and with time you might be able to connect all the parts in order to “10x” your cash flow.

2. Always keep learning!!!

Never stop. Especially in this online marketing world, everything changes so fast, so what you knew 6 months, or even 1 month ago, may no longer be relevant today. Keep with the times, and stay ahead of your competition. While they scratch their heads wondering why their reach has gone down significantly, you might already know what’s going on and re-adjust, facing less competition for a while. This goes hand in hand with #1. Nothing works forever, so you have no choice BUT to keep learning and applying!

3. Build a strong workforce and delegate

I am a perfectionist. A bad trait. Why? Because it’s hard to get shit done when your standard is perfection, and you have so much to do. When I was younger, I had a very hard time trusting someone else to do the job I knew I would do best. Whether it was copy-writing, or finding products and uploading them, or doing other menial tasks… the thing is, I quickly hit a brick wall. I became less productive and the business started dying. I realized then, that I have no choice BUT to entrust tasks and responsibilities to others. If they mess up, they mess up… it’s not like I’m doing it anyways, right?

Subsequently, I quickly understood that you can find great quality people who will do a fantastic job in half the time you would, at very low cost. I realized that me doing everything was stupid, and was keeping the business from making MORE money. So what if I pay an employee $200 for a small project this week. I can now focus myself on more important things that will bring thousands more into the business, rather than saving those poor $200.

A strong workforce (no matter if it begins with 3, or 5 people you trust, that have proven themselves), can easily be scaled together with the revenue that comes in. If you leave this for the last minute, your business will choke as you try to make money without the backbone to support it.


As with #3, think about how you can make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. This means not being tight-fisted with your budget. If it takes you a month to do something for free, but it takes someone $200, or $500, or $50 to do something in a shorter amount of time, while you set up the ads, or close B2B deals, or brainstorm new ideas for your business, you would be stupid not to hire someone.

This applies to all businesses, but let’s take ecommerce as an example: Why test one product per week with a tiny budget? If you have decided you will do $5 PPE and $10 WC per product, do 10 products a day at $5 PPE and $10 WC.  You will spend the EXACT SAME amount of money, but will achieve success much sooner.

Realize that you have living expenses, and this needs to be factored in! So, I can spend $1,000 a month to not “risk too much”, and spend $3,000 on living expenses monthly… meaning in 6 months I’d have spent $6,000 on the business and $18,000 just to breathe. Why not spend $6,000 in a month and $3,000 on living expenses instead? You will spend less money overall and achieve success faster.

This doesn’t mean that I advise throwing money where you don’t know what you are doing…. On the contrary!! But if you already know what your game plan is, make it happen fast, because everything else is draining your pocket at the same time.

5. Learn how to do everything – but don’t try to become an expert in everything

You need to have an intermediate to advanced level of understanding of each of the moving parts in your business before you can start hiring people to take over those parts from you.

How do you know if someone is doing a good job, or screwing you over, or if you can find someone better, without knowing what to expect from that job/employee?

You need to know how everything works so that you can train your employees to do the job you want them to do – this way you will also be able to hire the right people online, or offline, as you will be able to see who has experience, and who knows the task better than you.

This also goes back to my overall message – you need to approach every business as a business, and not get lost in the small details. Even if you are an expert at FB Ads, if you suck at business, you are better off getting a job at one of countless agencies the folks in FB marketing groups run, rather than waste money failing at business.

6. Build your business’ foundation well, so you can keep building ON TOP of it.

Nobody can make $1million without first making $100,000. Or $10,000 without first making $1,000. That being said, if you don’t build your business right from the start, you will have trouble adding more layers and weight on a shaky foundation, and this is where most people who are making money are stuck – the scale!

Make sure to gather as much data and leads as possible, no matter what you are doing. Chances are you can recycle leads to re-monetize them down the line, at almost NO further cost, or use the data you have gathered to start your next venture 5 steps ahead. The beginning will always be the most costly according to immediate ROI, but you must always aim to squeeze additional ROI down the line… that plays a big part in a business’ stability. You cannot count on this great month to bring you more great months unless you re-target, recycle, and use what you have to build more and make more.

Businesses, like sales, have their good months and their bad months. The more you squeeze out of every dollar invested, the more stable your business becomes.

This applies to everything, from leads, to workforce, to your accounting strategy, etc.


This has already surpassed the “5 easy steps”, so I will stop here before it becomes 20.

There are too many things you need to look out for to put in a single post, or probably even in a single book. I’ve tried to convey the most basic mindset tweaks that will make a huge difference on how you view and build your business, which are fundamental to achieving success.

Success does not necessarily come in a day, but looking toward the bright future where you achieve your big goal, and building your foundations with that in mind, will make that eventual success much more certain.

I hope I helped. Let me know your thoughts 😊

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